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A city for tourists – Krakow Airport, hotel industry and endless attractions

Krakow is the best city for tourists planning a short city break. This is according to research undertaken by the British travel magazine “Which? Travel”. The capital of Małopolska received 93% points from readers and took the first place on the podium in the classification of the most interesting European city. I was very impressed myself! That’s why I packed my backpack as soon as possible, booked my tickets and airport transfer on the website: the second day, my foot stood at the airport in Krakow!

The John Paul II Airport itself is very impressive. It is reportedly the second largest airport in Poland in terms of passenger numbers. No wonder, because the network of connections with the world is really huge, and airport services are at the highest level! Check it yourself:

Readers’ opinions

Readers of the magazine I mentioned give a rating based on the level of satisfaction with the stay in the city, based on the cost of the flight, hotel and stay, the quality of accommodation, restaurants, cultural attractions and tourist facilities, shopping offer and public transport.

The British themselves rated Krakow’s cuisine at 5 stars. That is maximum points! In this competition the city even surpassed Lisbon or the popular Madrid. It also received the highest marks for attractiveness of the offer in relation to price. And nowadays it is valued twice as much!

What surprises tourists the most?

Tourists visiting the capital of Malopolska are usually positively surprised by the wide cultural offer of the city, the friendliness of its residents and the affordable prices, especially for euro holders. On the Internet you can read interesting opinions and recommendations: “For those who want to visit an interesting city in Europe, I definitely recommend Krakow. Also outside the city center there is a lot to see”. From my own experience I know that it is worth to go to the outskirts of the city and visit the Jewish district Kazimierz, Nowa Huta or the vantage point on the Kościuszko Mound. Additionally, you can easily sign up for an organized guided tour of the city to learn even more about history. I personally used the services of JTP Group and I was really very satisfied!

All roads lead to Rome?

You know the saying? The same is true since the Middle Ages in the city of kings – Krakow – where all roads lead to the Main Square. Sometimes the simplest things are simply the best. And this way of thinking was used by the designers. The idea was brilliant in its simplicity – when planning the layout of the newly founded city in 1257, an almost perfectly square square 200 m x 200 m was placed in its center. It is one of the largest market squares in all of Poland.

City helpers

On the streets of the city, you can meet numerous so-called City Helpers. These are people employed to help tourists and all visitors to the city under the famous Wawel Castle. Their task is mainly to provide information and promote local events, but also to report inappropriate behavior in the Old Town cultural park and Kazimierz. And all this in order to promote and maintain responsible, sustainable tourism.

Innovation and development

Krakow in recent years has become an increasingly innovative and creative city, in terms of initiatives in various fields. Until recently it attracted mainly by its legend: a treasury of Polish heritage, European Capital of Culture, a city with a wide offer of events and unique collections, organizing great festivals. Recently, to these assets it is worth adding purely economic or even business arguments. It has become a place where it is not only worth but, to put it simply, simply necessary to organize a business meeting or a congress.

The comfort of holding a conference or a business meeting in Krakow is facilitated mainly by the city space – full of helpful and open people, original places and ideas. It is not without reason it is called a city of students, as they probably constitute three quarters of the population. Therefore, new ideas and views always find an attentive listener. The well-developed scientific and business environment and the professionalism of the Krakow meetings industry provide the basis that every topic will find creative development here, and even the largest congress for world-class people – the right place and time.