The French Alps – south mountainside

This time I decided to go to a quite popular little tourist destination but don’t worry, I did a few trips out of the city to discover undiscovered πŸ˜‰

Well, Annecy, becouse this is the place I spent most of my time in the south mountainside of the Alps. Though as I said the place is a popular tourist destination it is still not as famous as different places of the Alps where tourists from all over the world flock into. However, the place I have visited is incredible in terms of views, the colour of the sky that is totally different then anywhere else and obviously regarding local people who are famous for their kindness and hospitality but what the areas are known the most is the amount of paragliders and paras. I love watching extreme sport and admire people doing them so I couldn’t wait to check out this paras’ Mekka.

One I can tell you – if you like watching skywards acrobaits, do not hestitate and go to Annecy!

When I got there, the first thing I spotted were tens of flying people in the sky… My dreams came true! The view I saw was the most amazing thing I have ever seen so far. But of course the pars and their skyward acrobaits weren’t the only reason why I decided to go there. Annecy is unquestionably the most charming mountain resort. It is located by the Annecy Lake and this is where the city name comes from. The lake is consider to be one of the most important French treasures! And trust me, this is not without a reason. This beautiful cyan lake is the main attraction in the city. People folk into the shore, hang out there with friends and families, picnic together and so on. I love it because I could rent a boat there and take a short sail by the waters of the charming lake. If you are a keen fisher, then you will for sure find it interesting that you can even fish there. And since we’re already talking about fish, I really recommend local restaurants that serve totally awesome fish! Most of them are located in the Old Town which is a must see.

I have also visited antique local pirson built in XII century. The best of the prison is its shape – the shape reminds a huge boat and today it sreves as a museum. The Old Town is very crowded place because the city isn’t big and all the restaurants are just there. Besides fish you should also try cheese dishes which are very opular among local people – I tried it and recommend! As I said there are a few more places around the city that I have visited but about them I wil write in a separate article. Now, check out the gallery.

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  1. Amazing, so so beautiful… I am so ashamed to say I had a completely different image of French Alps! Guess I’ve never noticed the real beauty of this incredible place. Is the food there very expensive?

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